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True life stories are totally addictive. They are real and unpredictable, delivered straight from the heart. They celebrate life in all its complexity: the ups and downs, the regrets and the rewards. They make us feel human. And Flashlight stories do this in just seven minutes. 


Flashlight are the best tellers from the sell-out sensation Tell Me On A Sunday. Led by the fabulous Cat Weatherill, this troupe is defining the real art of true life telling. They combine the warmth of storytellers with the passion of poets and the timing of stand-ups. You will laugh, you will cry, you will feel hugged by stories. And that's the truth...




‘Genuinely uplifting and without pretension’

Arts Council England


Flashlight are thrilled to be the resident troupe for The Mee Club -a new open mic monthly true life storytelling club, based at the wonderful Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry. The Arts Council has awarded funding for a dynamic programme of live shows, podcasts, workshops and outreach work, so our company members will be delivering training as well as performing. The programme launches on Friday 11 March with a special showcase event. See Here for details

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